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LP Fusion


This stock is second after TAC2 model produced by LP Gunstocks.

Geometry and grip are similar - but shape and sporter type lines make huge diffrence.

Stock designed for those who do not like thumbholes.

Vertical grip and place for fingers in the middle makes the diffrence.

Also whole geometry is rather lightweight compared to TAC2 Competition stock.

LP Fusion model already proved its comfort and quality in the hands of champions. 

It is very comfortable stock, but grip geometry require proper handling. 

As usual in this types of stocks- grip neck is weak point. 

But threat it right and You won't change it for anything else. 


    • ambidextrous anatomical grip

    • laser engraved grip stipling

    • Place for thumb

    • 3d adjustable cheek piece

    • 2d adjustable buttpad

    • side whell for fast tightening

    • matt light oil finish

    • beaver tail in the front



    • Hex key tightening for adjustments

    • Aluminum knob tightening for adjustment

    • DIY finish standard

    • no laser engravings

    • bonded ash wood

    • bonded birch wood

    • solid walnut

    • laminates

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