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LP Evolution for FX Dreamline
  • LP Evolution for FX Dreamline


    LP EVOLUTION stock designed specially for FX Dreamline by FX Airguns from Sweden.


    It is evolutionary step forward to current designs and bow to shooters who like more fluent lines instead of blocky competition oriented TAC2. Perfect stock for plinking, target shooting and with future hamster addon- for competitions aswell.


    Evolution for Dreamline was one of main goals. And finally it is presented. 

    You can order this stock in variety of materials, laminates, walnut , bonded timber.

    And diffrent standars- from DIY option in bonded birch for full option with all parts and engraving. 

    Ofcourse it will afffect price.

    Given in this section i for fully blown stock in laminates or standard walnut. 


    LP Evolution for FX Dreamline has few improvments.

    Most important :

    • thumbs up place on both sides.
    • Thicker grip than TAC2.
    • It has longer trigger reach.
    • Great ergonomics and balance.



    All stocks are produced in highest quality with use of cnc machine, laser engraving method , and in best materials.

    Mostly in variety of colourfull laminates but we can make it few other wood types presented. 

    Equiped with parts made from aircraft grade aluminum alloys. 

    Each stock is hand polished  and oiled. 



      •  Ambidextrous  thumbhole grip

      • thumbs up place on both sides

      •  3d adjustable cheek piece (multiple directions)

      •  2d adjustable buttpad (up&down plus twisting)

      • adjusting knob for fast tightening

      •  screw head cups

      •  laser grip stipling

      •  hand made oil finish

      • hex key  screws set

      • weight: 1,5kg

      • LOP 37cm

      • Action:  FX Airguns- Dreamline

      • price for stock in laminates or standard walnut in full option. 

    VAT Included


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