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LP Stutzen Varmint


LP Stutzen Varmint

Stock is a bow to classic lines. It is based on old design made by hand years ago.

Oryginally model was full length Mannlicher type geometry, covering whole barrel of springer rifle.

Some shapes anochred in German roots.

Perfect for plinking and hunting.

Beautifull retro style with varmint touch turns Your airgun into something special.

Stock can be done in variety of materials.

If You are not a competitor, if You prefer classy lightweight design with adjustable cheek piece - it is for You. 


This model was designed for springers.

Weihrauch HW97 and Air Arms TX200.

But we plann to make it for  pcp's aswell in future.


  • 3d Adjustable cheek piece

  • adjustable buttpad

  • NEW ornamental engraving on the grip

  • aluminum screw head cups

  • stainless stell screw set

  • Matt oil finish

  • hex key screw tightening for cheek piece

  • classic ambidextrous grip 



    • Aluminum tightening knob for fast adjustments

    • DIY finish standard

    • no laser engravings

    • bonded ash timber

    • bonded birch timber

    • solid walnut

    • laminates


Air Arms TX200 LP Stutzen stock has inlet for factory triggerguard dimensions.

BUT stock looks way better with Weihrauch or FX type  standard triggeguard fitted like on the pictures.

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