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We make our stocks in variety of wood types.

W got few options to choose in variety of prices.

  • coloured veneer laminates

  • solid walnut

  • bonded birch wood (3 layers)

  • bonded ash wood (3 layers)


Below are laminates schemes from which we produce.

Most popular we got still on the shelf.

It  saves a lot of time to order from what we have on stock.

But we can  order on demand aswell.

Solid walnut is imported and limited in our workshop.

Bonded timber is new product. We  make it from local timber suppliers.

Bonding under pressure allow us to get  blanks in proper thickness for production and stocks made in such material are more stable.

You will see layers on Your bonded timber stock , and that they are intentionall slightly off the center to get maximum stability. 

Layers are not simetric in pattern (wood grain is diffrent naturally) but thanks to all those efforts You get ridgid and not expensive option.

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