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  • LP TAC2

    LP TAC2 stock was done for years by hand and was proven on the field by talented shooters and champions worldwide.

    Currently TAC2 stocks are produced in highest quality with use of cnc machine, laser engraving method , and in best materials.

    All stocks are produced in variety of colourfull laminates and equiped with parts made from aircraft grade aluminum alloys. 

    Each stock is hand finished and oiled. 

    This model is very comofortable thanks to excellent ambidextrous grip , tested and improved for years and becouse of its general geometry and balance.

    It is fully adjustable and allow to fit to most shooters. It is also equiped with adjustable and removable hamster addon. 



      •  Ambidextrous anatomical thumbhole grip

      •  3d adjustable cheek piece

      •  3d adjustable and removable palmrest addon

      •  2d adjustable buttpad (up&down plus twisting)

      • adjusting knobs for fast tightening

      •  screw head coups

      •  laser grip stipling

      •  hand made oil finish

      • stainless steel screws set

      • (for AA s400 with UIT rail in the front and optionally long arm hamster mechanism).

      Perfect action fitting, perfect symetry, very comfortable and with nice balance.
      Design proven by champions.

    VAT Included